Friday, April 13, 2007

Wolfowitz seeks medical solution to ethics problem

In a follow-up to our earlier story, Romance and Corruption at the World Bank, the AP reported that Paul "Wolfie" Wolfowitz has apologized for helping his girlfriend, who is employed by the World Bank, get a substantial raise. A strangely contrite Wolfowitz said, "I made a mistake, for which I am sorry." The Cantankerous Consultant has investigated this and learned that soon after making that statement an angry Wolfowitz was heard to say, "What the heck got into me? Being World Bank President means never having to say you're sorry."

In a prophylactic effort to prevent future incidences of weak-kneed, shocked and awed contrition, Wolfowitz has been given a prescription for ETHIC-EZE by his physician, Dr. Ted Doantgivadam. "Although ETHIC-EZE was originally formulated for advertising executives, it works just fine for other professions," stated Dr. Doantgivadam. "However, anytime you prescribe medications for a NeoCon, there is a higher risk of side effects."

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