Thursday, April 26, 2007


The folks at the CEO Advocacy Group, Save the Salary, have published a new book on how to get rich by getting a Golden Parachute. This essential corporate missive:
  • Makes a compelling case that losing your job should be lucrative, but only if you happen to be the CEO of your company.
  • Explains the behavior psychology of why Golden Parachutes for CEOs actually motivates rank and file employees to work even harder...well, sort of, in a hypothetical way that boggles the imagination.
  • Uses a proprietary schocastic model to prove that binge-purge personnel practices (i.e., pay a lot money to hire a CEO and then pay even more to get rid of that person) builds corporate character. Yes folks, spending upwards of $100 million to unload a CEO is 100% pure common sense!
For a hilarious salute to the CEOs who make millions for leaving, check out Sailing Away on a Golden Parachute by Brian Unger of NPR's The Unger Report.

Note: For background, read the article,The Upside of Being Out - How Taxes, Takeovers Figure Into Golden Parachute's Cushion, in the Washington Post by David Hilzenrath.

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