Thursday, March 15, 2007

Classic Management Book

This week we celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the publication of this overlooked classic. Case studies in this book include:
  • A company that learned the hard way that fertilizer and cyberspace don’t mix.
  • Groins R Us: A story of four fraternity brothers and their woefully pathetic attempt to seize this sensitive niche market.
  • Donner Party Consulting: Who can ever forget their classic ad slogan, “Is Your Competition Eating You Alive?”
What is notable is the authors walked the talk in writing and publishing this book. For example:
  • The book was published directly from their unedited, first draft.
  • In Search of Mediocrity holds the Guinness World Record for most typos in a published book.
  • At least 72% of the data cited in the book has been proven to be incorrect.
For more information on this book contact Cretin & Blowfart Publishing.

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